Forward, Confident, Successful, Gorgeous

"TYPO3 is much more than a CMS for those working on it. It's like a lifestyle, a place to belong, to contribute, where you have friends and get new ones"

Who we are?

We are the largest association of freelance TYPO3 developers in this part of Europe.

Grow Fast

In a few years of existence we have managed to triple the number of developers in our community.

High Quality

Even the smallest project that we are working must fulfill all the standards of high-quality application!

Best Skills

More than half of our programmers are seniors, with more than 5 years experience in web developing.

Why we chose TYPO3?

Editors know why!

More about us

We are programming part of a mother company "Sales Ministre" from Switzerland. In Zurich is headquarters (sales and management) and in Belgrade is our developers location.

We own a large code base and a large number of experienced programmers, which gives us the right to claim that does not exist thing that the client can imagine and that we can not programmed.
We provide long-term support to our customers to protect the projects of the ravages of time.
We are impressed with our management team from Zurich and their diplomacy skills and the way there was able to communicate with customers to find out exactly what customers wanted.
"Excellent communication through the whole project. I am very happy with final version. Thank you so much guys!"
Tatjana Forcan
Founder of "Gastec" company
"I hereby wish to thank you and to give a lot of compliment to your entire team, led by Predrag! Needless to say that I am very pleased, once again, thank you very much and you have my big recommendation!"
Nena Jelena Radovic
Developer from "Marsal 100" Company
"I am very satisfied! I gave a very brief and not a realistic deadline, but you was able to do on time and made me a phenomenal site :) Quality at the highest level, accessible price and unique product. Great compliments for you"
Bojan Mirosljevic
c# Tester from "Branko Lazic" company

Core of company

Kevin Malone
CEO & Founder of Sales-Ministre
Masan Lubarda
Trudy Campbell
TYPO3 developer & CO-Founder of Dark Forest Web
Predrag Mitrovic
Fred Rumsen
Financial director & Co-Founder of Dark Forest Web
Danijela Nedimovic

Our Pricing

Because we're freelance companie, the price of our working hours is much more favorable than the price of the working hours of our competitors!

43eur/hourProjects below the 50 working hours
  • Example:
  • Simple small sites
  • Extbase and fluid bug fixing
  • Corrections of designs
  • Upgrade from 6.2TYPO3 on 7./6 or 8.x TYPO3
30eur/hourProjects above 100 working hours
  • Example:
  • Large corporate sites
  • Programming large extensions
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